Sunday, March 31, 2019

March 31st, 2019

It has been far too long since the last time I posted anything on here. A lot has happened in these past months, especially in these last few days.

I think I've become semi-immune to emotional pain. It hurts for a little while and then I am done hurting. This of course does not apply to emotionally stewing I tend to do regarding the happenstances. That, I do for quite some time after the traumatic/impacting event.

Recently I lost the job that I put blood, sweat and tears into. This, to me, is nothing new. In the last 3 years this has apparently been a running trend. I think I am over it at this point. But, in all the turmoil, one thing has become clear ...

Whether serendipity or providence, it is hard to tell. But I do think that Spirit is pointing me in the Universe's direction. Everything that happens becomes this sort of roadmap that says time and time again, "Mini, I am calling you. Heed my call."
Due to this I have opted to start my online Spiritualism store. It will be called "Truth Spiritualism Store" and I will be selling everything from holy water to candles. All of them handcrafted by yours truly and blessed while created and before shipment.
I plan on selling these items on here (my website) as well as on the Amazon and eBay platforms.
I will also be performing in-home readings. This means that I will travel to you--as long as you are within my vicinity--and do your reading in your environment.

Please understand that I will no longer be offering free readings. This approach has been counterproductive and, in all truth, hindering to my person. I understand that everyone wants stuff for free, but this approach is unfair to me and the candid and empathetic services I provide. Not to mention draining to my soul and energy.

With that said, I am asking for your support in the form of prayers and good vibes as I endeavor on the enterprise that the Universe has paved for me.